” I love our amazing teacher Hannah! She is very patient and positive with my son who has Epilepsy. She isn’t afraid ( some people are) she is always telling him what a great job he is doing and he learns fast. Overall the music academy is a great source for anyone’s interest in music. My son Joseph takes one on one lessons with Hannah! The payment plans are convenient and the staff are warm and welcoming! I’m a happy mom!”

Gabriela Canedo-Mala, Parent

“I had been searching piano group lessons for my 3.5 year-old kids for the entire summer and finally I decided to give it a try in 88 key academy since it is close to my home and has very reasonable charge for taking 8-week group lessons.
The teacher who is teaching this class is Ms. Jessica Chou. She is very knowledgeable and energetic. She knows how to communicate with little young kids, so the kids love and know how to cooperate with her. She seems to be very well prepared because her lessons is full of music, activity and instruction. My twins learn a lot from her class.
I would recommend everyone who is looking for music group lesson to come to 88 keys music academy. Here is definitely a good place for young kids to start their music education.”

Iris Yang, Parent

“We can’t say enough good things about Annie and her care of instructors at 88 Keys. Our 6 year old has been attending weekly piano lessons there for almost a year and it is so remarkable to witness his progression over that time. He recently completed his first recital too.
Annie truly cultivates a warm and nurturing environment for budding musicians. It is evident that her philosophy is not to just teach the rote fundamentals, but to instill a lifelong love of music as well. You would be hard pressed to find a more well balanced and student focused school for your young musician to get their start.”

Raymond Chueng, Parent

“We sent our 7 year-old son to 88 Keys Music Academy for guitar lessons and my son just loved it. Our son was very hyperactive and has an attention deficit. But Juan Hernandez, his teacher, was extremely patient with him. We thought my son would have a tough time learning the lessons, but he was doing very well. Juan adjusted the lessons to make it simple and easy for him to understand. Now my son just brings his guitar with him to everywhere he goes. He loves playing it now. I don’t have to remind him to practice anymore.The customer service and professionalism from 88 Keys Music Academy was exceptional. A few times I had to cancel or reschedule the lesson appointments, and they have always accommodated me. We would definitely recommend this music school to everyone.”

Tan Trinh, Parent


“I have studied with Ms. Carrie for 8 1/2 years. Ms. Carrie is a very encouraging and helpful teacher. Although Ms. Carrie is strict with her teaching, she approaches a friendlier method. The theory she taught and her performing style technique helped me understand how music should be executed. Through the years, Ms. Carrie has entered me into many different competitions: Bach Festival, SYMF, Romantic Festival, Sonata/Sonatina Festival, etc. Through these competitions, my musical experience has expanded, and helped me become a more confident performing artist. I truly and HIGHLY recommend Ms. Carrie as anyone’s piano teacher.”

Sandy SituStudent


“I have studied with Ms. Carrie for almost 9 years. She is a very thorough and patient instructor, and she never gives up on you. Through Ms. Carrie, I have won many various competitions throughout these years, including SYMF, Bach Festival, and multiple Scholarship competitions. Performing in these events were great opportunities for me because they taught me to carry myself in the presence of an audience, and it boosted my self-esteem and helped me with my fear of performing in front of people. Before taking piano I was a very shy child and now I am able to express myself through the power of music. Playing the piano has opened up many doors for me, and it has helped me meet lots of different people. Now I attend a performing arts high school. I would recommend Ms. Carrie to anyone who wants to take piano lessons.”

– Jingyi Tan, Student


“I had Carrie Lui as my student in a couple of music classes at USC. She is a diligent learner of the music arts, and applies herself entirely in her studies. Besides excelling in school, she is a very artistic pianist who takes her performance skills seriously. She always tries to improve herself through the advice of her mentors. I enjoyed having her in my classes and I am confident she will be successful in all her endeavors.”

– Dr. Charles Thurmond
Director of Piano Pedagogy, USC Thornton School of Music


“Annie Chen earned her Masters Degree in Piano Performance with me at the University of Southern California, where, for 35 years, I was a Professor and former Chair of Keyboard Studies. I found her to be an extraordinary and gifted pianist and young woman. She displayed immense talent, imagination and character. In the years following graduation she became an equally gifted teacher who is able to communicate both fundamentals and musicality to her students. Her warm and engaging personality makes her an asset to all with whom she associates.”

– Nancy Bricard, Professor Emeritus
Keyboard Studies Chair, Thornton School of Music, USC


My daughter, Jessica, has been Ms. Carrie’s student since she was 6 1/2 year old and in Feb, she completed Advance level in the CM test and received Honor every year. Ms. Carrie is an excellent teacher and brings out her talent. She introduced lots of different music to her and got her involved in competitions that turned out to be her passion. I can’t thank Ms. Carrie enough for helping my daughter to gain confidence and love of music to her life.”

– Grace Wong, Parent


“Best music teacher ever!

My two daughters (12 and 9) have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Annie since the age of 5. Annie is knowledgeable, patient, and knows how to get the best out of them.

Annie works tirelessly to prepare her students for the annual certificate of merit evaluation, and the result is self-evident: Annie’s students are in a class of their own.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to begin music lessons or returning to lessons to check out Annie and 88 Keys Music Academy! ”

– Tiffany Tai, Parent


“After deciding to rededicate myself to learning the piano after a 15 year hiatus, I was determined to find a piano instructor who could help me reach my goals. Annie over at 88 Keys Music Academy has been my piano teacher for 8 months or so, and in that short time I’ve learned and progressed way more that I thought was possible. She has a great teaching style, with the perfect mix of seriousness, fun & (LOTS of) patience. She pushes me to always try harder while also being understanding of a few time/schedule constraints I have. The lessons are very efficient, and I always leave wanting to rush home and incorporate what I’ve learned. The quality I like best about Annie, however, is that she continuously stresses to me the importance of the “musicality” of my playing. This gives me the belief that, even though I am a beginner, I don’t have to settle for simply “hitting the right notes”, but am capable of playing in a manner which makes the listener “feel” something. That’s a great feeling!
The facilities and studios at 88 keys are brand new and look great! I’m confident that my piano playin’ goals will be met here. ”

– Kris Godachy, Student


“Having been to multiple local conservatories/academies and graduated from a university’s music program, I’ve been under the tutelage of various instructors and my 6 years under Carrie’s direction has been one of the most profound experiences in my music career.

As a person that had absolutely no music experience until the age of 12, where compared to others that started at age 5, I was at a complete loss and needed specific and strict guidelines to catch up to others in my age group. Carrie had been only one of two instructors in my life that made me feel prepared and made sure that pieces were chosen in time to prep for the MTAC piano exam and to have a piece chosen suitably for a specific category for competitions whereas my many other instructors would tell me to “do what you feel is best” or “pick a piece that you liked” and just made me feel as if they either don’t want to bother with researching pieces that are suited to my capabilities and something that can push my boundaries as the next step up in musicianship or they are just performers that lack the drive to inspire the next generation of musicians to reach their potential and beyond.

As a longtime student of Carrie’s, I am very grateful that she has taught me the strict basics and fundamentals before allowing me to be free to explore other pieces of music to my liking. As a graduate of Carrie’s piano studio, I am greatly thankful for the opportunities to take part in annual studio recitals and just feeling like there was a greater purpose to improve on my pieces.

I highly recommend for anyone to start their music journey here. If you are dedicated to adding piano as a life skill and gaining confidence as an individual through various performance and competition opportunities, you will definitely get devoted, knowledgeable, and inspirational instructors here.”

– Amy Lui, Student

“My son has been taking piano lessons from Annie for the past 9 years ever since he was 6 years old.  He started with the fundamentals of piano music and has steadily progressed to an advanced level.  Annie works well with him and she is able to help him connect with the music.  Moreover, she has managed to instill in him the discipline to practice daily. She prepares him well for piano examinations and my son often receives compliments from the judges for his performance and musicality.  She also encourages him to participate in various recitals and piano competitions.  These experiences have taught him to overcome the anxiety of performing before an audience and have given him more confidence. Under her tutelage, he has gained a better appreciation of music and has enjoyed the many benefits of learning to play the piano.
We would highly recommend 88 Keys Music Academy for anyone looking for a music school and Annie for music lessons.  She is an excellent piano teacher.”

John Kwang & Leng Wee, Parents


“I’m one of Annie Chen’s adult piano students and have been taking lessons from her for about three years. What a wonderful teacher she is!! I feel that I’ve learned more working with her than I learned from much longer time spent with prior teachers. She is nurturing and patient — but challenging at the same time.

She has encouraged me to take on more difficult pieces and to work through the occasional frustration. I am tackling pieces that I never thought I would ever play. She also conveys a very strong sense of musicality that has a broad range over diverse musical styles. And she is very practical and easy to get along with. When a lesson is over, I always feel that I’ve learned something and had fun. ”

– Allen Katz, Student


“I am a former student of piano teacher Annie Chen. I started playing when I was 7 years old and spent the following 12 years with her. She provided me the motivation to practice and achieve my goals while pushing me to take on theory tests and pass California Certificate of Merit exams.

Price-wise, it is very reasonable. I wouldn’t recommend any other teacher. ”

– Max Ruppel, Student


“I am 74 years old, retired, male and thought I would take piano lessons. I found Annie A. Chen. She has a Masters Degree earned at USC in music. I played the trumpet in high school and bass guitar in a rock band and didn’t know anything about music.

I have learned some of the basic fundamentals in music such as the correct way to set at the piano and hold my fingers above the key board. I also benefited from learning and the value of knowing the major and minor scales. And I can play some simple songs too.

Annie has the experience and loves to teach the piano. I highly recommend her. She is also the owner and operator of 88 Keys Music Academy. Annie has a staff of professionals that are instructors that have degrees music. ”

– Lynn Peltcher, Student


“Starting from the bottom, now we’re here. I started playing piano about 8-9 years ago, with Mrs. Carrie as my instructor. She has helped me to keep on playing, even during rough times, and I could not have been where I am now without her. I have learned so many pieces in these years, with varying difficulties, and sometimes I would even ask her for even more challenging pieces. She is very aware of how songs are played, and gives out every single detail that would better improve the song’s musicality. She sets a pace in which everyone can follow, and sets very high expectations of everyone, because she finds talent in everyone.”

– Curtis Tong, Student


“Carrie Lui is an excellent instructor with tons of experience. For 13 years, she has helped me polish up several pieces and has given great advice on how to improve. I have won many SYMF (Southwestern Youth Music Festival) competitions because of her help. She is also very thorough when teaching music theory for CM (Certificate of Merit) programs. She is extremely patient, yet still sets very high expectations for her students.

She definitely knows how to help her students understand and interpret the songs from a more musical standpoint. I would highly recommend her, as well as this studio, to anyone who simply has a desire to learn music. Whether you already have taken lessons in the past and want to advance or know absolutely nothing about the piano, this studio is a great place to progress.”

– Ellie Ikeda, Student


“I have been taking music lessons (piano) with Annie for 12 years. She is an *excellent* teacher who knows exactly what she is doing, and her teaching style is very effective without being overbearing. The newly established music school is very well-organized, and they have a great group of accredited teachers for every instrument.

As an experienced musician who has studied both piano and classical voice, I highly recommend 88 Keys Music Academy for anyone interested in picking up music for the first time or coming back to it. :)”

– Christa Nuno, Student


“Annie has been our daughter Sydney’s piano teacher since she was 6 years old. From the beginning she was very patient and was able to bring out the musical interest of our daughter. Our daughter has been now playing piano with Annie for almost 5 years and I’m proud to say she is a two time state finalist for MTAC at the California State Convention. Annie has been not on a great teach but a wonderful role model for my child and has allowed her to grow via the countless recital opportunities and festivals she has played in over the years. Thank you so much for your guidance over the years.”

– Pierre & Yvette Wuu, Parents