The Benefits of Music Theory Classes

Music lessons are the technical side of learning music. With music lessons you can play chords on a guitar, you can knock out a solid drum beat, you can sing, you can play piano, but if that’s all there was to it, then everyone who ever took a few lessons would be rich and famous.

The Suzuki Piano Method

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was born in 1898 and spent the first part of his life devoted to studying the violin, first in Japan and then in 1920s Germany. After World War II however, he devoted his life to the development of a musical education philosophy which has since become known as the Suzuki Method. Dr.

Stephanie Aston- VOICE

Soprano Stephanie Aston, (D.M.A., UCSD; M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts; B.Mus., U. North Texas) is a committed performer of contemporary music. Praised by Steve Schick as “fearless” in her pursuit of repertoire, she has participated in several American and world premiers, including Luigi Nono’s Guai ai Gelidi Mostri, Michael Gordon’s What to Wear, and George Aperghis’Sextuor: L’Origine