Yiming ZhangYiming Zhang is a concert pianist, recording artist, and music scholar. He received his doctorate degree in piano performance from Temple University, under the tutelage of Harvey Wedeen and Lambert Orkis. As a seasoned pianist, he performed in numerous solo and chamber music recitals in the United States and China. His notable performances include concerts at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chinese Conservatory, Shandong University, Northeastern University, Nanjing and Shanghai Normal Universities, and performances through WFMT, a Chicago classical music radio station. He is currently the pianist of the Ge Gan-ru ensemble. Dr. Zhang recorded and will be releasing 3 CD’s of Wang Lisan’s complete piano works, and his article, History Plays a Joke, Wang Lisan’s 1957 Metmorphosis was published by the International Journal of Contemporary Compositions. In the recent years, Dr. Zhang began a particular interest in Chinese contemporary piano music. As a music scholar and translator, his articles were published by numerous Chinese musical journals, including The Art of Piano, Music Lovers, and Philharmonic. He translated several books from English to Chinese, including Carl Czerny’s On the Proper Performance of All Beethoven’s Works for the Piano. Dr. Zhang plans to continue performing and teaching piano in the Southern California area.