Adult Piano and Guitar Lessons: It’s Never Too Late To Learn!

adult piano and guitar lessons in arcadia, ca

Some people think that they will not be able to play the guitar or piano if they did not learn as a child. While it might take some extra effort and require more patience, anyone at any age can learn to play a musical instrument. The benefits of guitar or piano lessons as an adult outweigh the disadvantages of never learning at all.

Deeper Motivation

Children often do not get to choose which instrument they will ultimately learn to play. Adults have the freedom to choose any instrument they like, be it the guitar, the piano, or the ukulele. While children can practice repetitive drills until they master a specific skill, adults have a deeper connection with and appreciation for the music as a whole, so they are emotionally motivated. This can make adult learners more passionate players.

Social and Fun

As an adult, it can be more difficult to meet people and make new friends who have similar interests. The daily routines that come with careers, family, and life can lead to patterns that may not foster adult opportunities for personal development. Fortunately, learning to play an instrument can be an extremely social activity. From meeting new people in group classes to jamming with friends at home to performing at local talent night venues, music is fun, social and meant to be shared with others.

This is Your Brain on Music

While learning to play a musical instrument as a child is ideal, studies show that learning to play an instrument at any age can keep the brain healthy. A study at the University of South Florida provided piano lessons to adults aged 60-85 who had never played before. After just six months, they each showed increased memory, verbal, processing, and other cognitive skills. Learning something new, like playing a musical instrument, can stimulate brain cells in an enjoyable and creative way.

Late Bloomers

While the road to learning to play the guitar or piano later in life might be more difficult, the rewards are greater and will last a lifetime.

  • Jazz guitarist, Wes Montgomery, first learned to play the six-string guitar at age 20.
  • Michael Fitzpatrick, lead singer of Fitz and the Tantrums, learned to play the piano at age 32.
  • After a brain aneurysm, jazz composer Pat Martino, developed amnesia, forgot how to play guitar, and had to relearn by listening to his own recordings at age 36.

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