Why Summer Music Programs Are The Secret Ingredient

summer music programs

summer music programs

Summer is a favorite season for many. For students, it usually calls for a recipe of  sun, relaxation, video games, listening to music and hanging out with friends. What they may not know is that summer music programs  may be the missing ingredient to their summer. We already know about the incredible benefits of  taking piano lessons but how else can students benefit from a summer music program?

One major benefit to spending the summer to hone in on musical talents for students is the freedom to focus without the added distractions of schoolwork and after school activities. In theory, one could use musician Dick Hensold’s method of “proper cultivation” which focuses on maintaining perfect technique, accuracy and consistency in performance. Which these short sessions are meant for those who may be pressed for time, a student in a summer music program would be able to focus the majority of his or her energy on learning the music.

Perhaps the greatest takeaway from a summer music program would be the appreciation of music. The repetition and lack of creativity in popular music today can lead to the discovery of more intricate sounds. The 88 Keys Music Academy has a Music History Summer Workshop for ages 7-10 to help students learn the basics of music theory and music history to begin building that appreciation for well-composed music.

Lastly, the dreaded “summer learning loss” can be avoided by participating in summer music programs. Studies have shown that learning musical instruments can help a child’s academic development. So instead of forgetting new things learned, children can build up their repertoire and hone or learn new skills to combat against summer learning loss with enjoyable music!

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